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Infant & Early Childhood Conference Keynote Recordings

Back to Basics: Remembering What We Know

Dr. Barbara Stroud Keynote Presentation | Recoding Available Through January 14

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health practices stand on relationship engagement, a family’s cultural narrative, compassionate listening, and seeking joy. We know that individuals thrive when they feel safe, seen, heard, and helped. These healing activities have not changed since the COVID pandemic. However, our overly stressed brains are misdirected and we find ourselves rushing to do rather than resting in the relational moment. This Keynote will focus on the miraculous moments that create meaningful change. When we pause to explore unique cultural practices and sensitively hold each family’s COVID story, we harness the power of not only story telling but story hearing. Let’s refresh our skills of listening to the baby, caregiver and the ever-changing needs of our service community. 
Dr. Barbara Stroud, Ph.D., LP  |  Addresses Tenets 3 & 4

Following the keynote and a short break, facilitated breakout groups will take place online followed by a Q&A with Dr. Stroud.  Stay on the livestream link to be broken into small groups where you will have time to reflect on the keynote and brainstorm any questions you might have for Dr. Stroud. Once you join your breakout room, feel free to take a short break. Small groups will officially run from 10:45 – 11:15 a.m.

The Plug, The Power, The Play: Recognizing the Capacity We Have

Dr. Sheila Sweeney Keynote Presentation | Recording Available Through January 14

Many are called, and few are chosen – we are called into this work, and we are called into this work for so many different reasons, personally and professionally. As we sort through the aftermath of many traumatic moments over the past few years that dimmed, dulled, and flickered our lights, we need a moment of pause and reorganization to recognize what we truly bring to this practice. Did you know that we are beacons of light that shine on our work, and we have to reconnect with the source that fuels us and powers us to move forward in the spirit of the work we do with children, families, professionals, and systems? We will begin the morning by identifying what we need along the way to keep going and unapologetically show up as our best selves. Let’s get recharged.

Dr. Sheila Sweeney, Ph.D., LICSW, CEO, Psychotherapist, Consultant, PsychoEducator – Peaces ‘n PuzSouls: Journies thru Healing, LLC  |  Addresses Tenet 1

Now Let’s Return Our Minds to the Children…

Dr. Anne Gearity Keynote Presentation  |  Recording Available Through January 14

These past two+ years may have been challenging for children but also clarifying for caregivers.  What is most important to help our youngest thrive and grow?  Asking this question reminds us to appreciate how children perceive their experiences and depend on their adults to make sense of what happens around them.  At the same time, knowing their needs could help us embrace new ideas and social realities that facilitate a changed and better community.  This closing talk will focus on recognizing and engaging with the minds of our youngest children in ways that can help us be better at our jobs.  
Anne Gearity, PhD, LICSW  |  Addresses Tenets 2 & 5