Communication-Based Strategies for Self-Regulation

January 28, 2016 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Mount Zion Temple
1300 Summit Ave
St Paul, MN 55105
Communication-Based Strategies for Self-Regulation @ Mount Zion Temple | Saint Paul | Minnesota | United States

Self-regulation is the ability to remember and connect information, problem solve, control impulses, delay gratification, and be persistent—and it is critical to successful functioning in today’s world. Language makes a number of unique contributions to the development of self-regulation. This workshops provides communication-based strategies that help to develop self-regulation for students with language impairment, emotional/behavioral difficulties, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, and those who have been traumatized or maltreated. The presenter combines her clinical expertise as a speech and language pathologist with her own research and the research of others to provide evidence-based techniques that can be implemented across a variety of ages and settings. Strategies increase self-awareness, provide verbal alternatives to acting out or withdrawing, build emotional literacy, and offer a verbal framework to plan, execute, and evaluate assignments and projects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify common factors that promote or hinder the development of language and self-regulation.
  • Describe the unique contributions that language makes to the development of self-regulation.
  • Incorporate internal state words, personal narratives, and language scaffolds into work with children and adolescents to increase self-regulation.
  • Employ language-based strategies to promote organization and staying on task.

Christine A. Wing, CCC, SLP, PhD, Sole Proprietor: I’ve Got Two Wings

Level: Intermediate | For: Professionals and Parents | Includes Clinical Content