Thank you for all you do to support the mental health of the children in your life. Our gifts to you are filled with music, laughter, and the voices of youth. We hope that they open up great conversations about mental health with you and your loved ones.

Fidgety Fairy Tales – The Mental Health Musicals

We re-imagine familiar stories to raise awareness and reduce the fear and misunderstanding around mental health. Below are two brand new stories for 2021. To see other tales, visit

Little Red Riding Hood

A story about ADHD
In this charming tale, Little Red Riding Hood gets distracted on her way to Granny’s house, but her ability to pay attention to multiple things helps her save the day!

Old Mother Hubbard

A story about trauma and food Insecurity
When the cupboard is bare, Old Mother Hubbard and her dog Bubba worry about whether they’ll have enough to eat. Years later, the lingering trauma causes Bubba to think and act in unexpected ways.

Star Power and Friends

Star Power can turn a person’s strength or talent into a superpower.

This series of five-minute videos feature a team of Somali American superheroes. You’ll also find coloring pages, draw-yourself-as-a-superhero activity sheets and more. Fun and informative for families, classrooms!

Episode 1
Jumpkick Loves to Move

Ibrahim has trouble focusing on his schoolwork until he has a chance to get some physical activity (and save the day at the same time)!

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Episode 2
Monarch is an Expert

Meet Abdi, an autistic boy who is an expert on butterflies!

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Episode 3
Mindracer Becomes a Role Model

Representation matters! Ladan is a smart, athletic Somali girl who becomes a quick-thinking, fast-running superhero.

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Episode 4
Sunshine Has Lots of Energy

Sundus thinks all her extra energy is nothing but trouble, but it’s her extra energy that saves the day!

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Episode 5
Big Hug Shows He Cares

Mr. Hamza is a Kindergarten teacher who has a way of helping his students feel safe and protected.

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Special Thanks to our Funders and Sponsors

Fidgety Fairy Tales is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through at grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund. Fidgety Fairy Tale’s 2021 sponsor is Rogers Behavioral Health, a nationally recognized, not-for-profit provider of highly specialized psychiatric care. Learn more at

Star Power and Friends is a collaboration between the Somali Certified Family Peer Specialists and the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health. It is funded by a Somali Mental Health Training Grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.