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Acronyms Related to Children’s Mental Health and Special Education


AACAP – American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

AAP – American Academy of Pediatrics

ABCD – Assuring Better Child Health and Development

ABE – Adult Basic Education

ACF – Administration for Children and Families

ACLD – Association for Children with Learning Disabilities

ACT – Assertive Community Treatment

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act

ADAA – Anxiety Disorders Association of America

AD/HD – Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

ADL – Activities of Daily Living

ADM – Average Daily Membership

ADSIS – Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services

AFDC – Aid to Families with Dependent Children (replaced by TANF in 1996)

AMI – Alliance for the Mentally Ill (advocacy organization)

ANAD – National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

APA – American Psychiatric Association

APE – Adaptive Physical Education

ARBD – Alcohol Related Birth Defects

ARMHS – Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services

ARND – Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder

APRN – Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

ASA – Autism Society of America

ASQ:SE – Ages and Stages Questionnaires, Social-Emotional

ATA – Assistive Technology Assessment

ATTACh – Association for Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children

AuSM – Autism Society of Minnesota

AYP – Annual Yearly Progress


BD – Behavioral Disorder

BIP – Behavioral Intervention Plan

BP – Behavior Problem

BITSEA – Brief Infant Toddler Social Emotional Assessment


CABF – Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

CMHAC – Children’s Mental Health Advisory Council

CAC – Community Alternative Care

CADI waiver – Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals

CAG – Closing the Achievement Gap

CAP – Client Assistance Project (MN Disability Law Center)

CARS – Childhood Autism Rating Scales

CASCW – Center for the Advanced Studies in Child Welfare

CASEL – Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning

CASII – Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Inventory

CASSP – Child and Adolescent Service System Program

CAPD – Central Auditory Processing Disorder

CCPS – Center for Collaborative Problem Solving

CD – Conduct Disorder

CDC – Center for Disease Control

CDCS – Consumer Directed Community Supports

CE – Community Education

CEC – Council for Exceptional Children

CECMH – Center for Excellence in Children’s Mental Health

CECP – Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice

CEED – Center for Early Education and Development

CEND – Community Education Network on Disabilities

CFSP – Collaborative Family Service Plan

ChADD – Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder

CHIPS – Child in Need of Protective Services

CIL – Center for Independent Living

CIT – Crisis Intervention Team

CMH – Children’s Mental Health

CMHC – Community Mental Health Center

CMHRS – Community Mental Health Recording System

CNS – Central Nervous System

COBRA – Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

COLA – Cost of Living Allowance

COTA – Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant

CRC – Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

CSP – Community Support Program

CSSA – Community Social Serve Act

CST – Child Study Team

C&TC – Child and Teen Checkups

CTIC – Community Transition Interagency Committee

CTSS – Children’s Therapeutic Supports and Services

CYSHCN – Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs


DA – Diagnostic Assessment

DAC – Developmental Achievement Center

DAPE – Developmentally Adapted Physical Education

DBC – Developmental and Behavior Clinics

DBSA – Depression and Bi-polar Alliance

DC:0-3 – Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood

DCD – Developmental Cognitive Disability

DD – Developmental Disability

DHH – Deaf and Hard of Hearing

DHS – Department of Human Services

DJT – Department of Jobs and Training

DLC – Developmental Learning Center


DOC – Department of Corrections

DSM-IV – Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition

DVR – Division of Vocational Rehabilitation


EBD – Emotional Behavioral Disorders

ECFE – Early Childhood Family Education

ECS – Early Childhood Screening

ECSE – Early Childhood Special Education

ECSU – Educational Cooperative Service Unit

ED – Emotional Disturbance

EFM – Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota

EHA – Education of the Handicapped Children Act

EHS – Early Headstart

EI – Early Intervention

EMS – Emergency Medical Services

EMSA – Emergency Minnesota Supplemental Aid

EOB – Explanation of Benefits

EPB – Evidence Based Practice

EPD – Employed Persons with Disabilities

EPSDT – Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment

ESEA – Elementary and Secondary Education Act

ESL – English as  a Second Language

ESY – Extended School Year


FAE – Fetal Alcohol Effects

FAPE – Free Appropriate Public Education

FAS – Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

FASD – Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

FBA – Functional Behavioral Assessment

FERPA – Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

FFCMH – Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health

FFS – Fee for Service

FPG – Federal Poverty Guideline


GA/EA – General Assistance/Emergency Assistance

GAMC – General Assistance Medical Care

GED – General Education Diploma

GLD – General Learning Disability

GRH – Group Residential Housing


HCBS – Home and Community-Based Services

HHA – Home Health Aides

HI – Hearing Impaired

HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIS – Human Services, Inc.

HMO- Health Maintenance Organization

HSSC – Hennepin South Services Collaborative


I&R – Information and Referral

IBP – Individual Behavior Plan

ICC – Interagency Coordinating Council

ICF – Intermediate Care Facility

IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Act

IEIC – Interagency Early Intervention Committee

IEP – Individualized Education Program

iFred – International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression

IFCSP – Individual Family Community Support Plan

IFSP – Individual Family Community Support Plan

IHP – Individualized Health Plan

IIIP – Individual Interagency Intervention Plan

IMD – Institution for Mental Diseases

IMH – Infant mental Health

IMH-E – Endorsed as an Infant Mental Health Professional

IPP – Individual Program Plan

IPPYHC – Interagency Planning Project for Young Handicapped Children

IQ – Intelligence Quotient

IRTS – Intensive Residential Treatment Services

ISD – Independent School District

ISN – Integrated Service Network

ISP – Individual Service Plan

ITP – Individual Treatment Plan

IVT – Individualized Vocational Training

IWRP – Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan


JDAI -Juvenile Detetion Alternative Initiative

JTPA – Job Training Partnership Act


K-12 – Kindergarten through Grade Twelve


LAC – Local Advisory Committee

LCC – Local Coordinating Council

LCTS – Local Collaborative Time Study

LD – Learning Disabled

LDAMN – Learning Disabilities Association of Minnesota

LEA – Local Education Agencies

LRE – Least Restricted Environment


MA – Medical Assistance

MACMH – Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health

MACMHP – Minnesota Association for Community Mental Health Programs

MACLD – Minnesota Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities

MAMHRF – Minnesota Association of Mental Health Residential Facilities

MARN – Minnesota Adoption Resource Network

MCCCA – Minnesota Council of CHild Caring Agencies

MCEA – Minnesota Community Education Association

MCHA – Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association

MCHB – Maternal and Child Health Bureau

MCN – Minnesota Council for Non-profits

MCSHN – Minnesota Children with Special Needs

MCYSHN – Minnesota Children and Youth with Special Needs

MDE – Minnesota Department of Education

MDH – Minnesota Department of Health

MDLC – Minnesota Disability Law Center

MEA – Minnesota Education Association

MetrCCS – Metro Children’s Crisis Services

MFIP – Minnesota Family Investment Program

MH – Mental Health

MHAM – Mental Health Association of Minnesota

MHBA – Mental Health Behavioral Aide

MHCP – Minnesota Health Care Programs

MHCSN – Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Network

MHLN – Mental Health Legislative Network

MI – Mental Illness

MKCA – Minnesota Kinship Caregivers Association

MMHAG – Minnesota Mental Health Action Group

MN ASAP – Minnesota Adoption Support and Preservation

MNCare – MinnesotaCare (insurance plan)

MNCIMP – Minnesota Continuous Improvement Monitoring Process

MNSEMS – Minnesota Special Education Mediation Services

MNSic – Minnesota System of Interagency Coordination

MNTAFS – Minnesota Technical Assistance and Family Support

MR – Mental Retardation

MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRRP – Minneosta Restricted Recipient Program

MSA – Minnesota Supplemental Aid

MSCOD – Minnesota State Council on Disability

MSDD – Multi-system Developmental Disorder


NACAC – North American Council on Adoptable Children

NAMI – National Alliance for Mental Illness

NARSAD – National Association for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression

NAEYC – NAtional Association for the Education of Young Children

NCLB – No Child Left Behind

NECTAS – National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Team

NHCN – Neighborhood Health Care Network

NICHCY – The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities

NIMH – National Institute of Mental Health

NLD – Nonverbal Learning Disorder

NMED – Non-citizen Medical Assistance

NMHA – National Mental Health Association

NOFAS – National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

NPI – National Provider Identifier


OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCF – Obsessive Compulsive Foundation

OCR – Office of Civil Rights

ODD – Oppositional Defiant Disorder

OHD – Other Health Disabilities

OJT – On-the-Job Training

OMMH – Office of Minority and Multicultural Health

OSERS – Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

OSEP – Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education

OT – Occupational Therapy


P&A – Protection and Advocacy

PA – Parents Anonymous

PACC – Permanency and Adoption Competency Certification

PACER – Parent Advocacy Coalition for Education Rights

PASS – Plan to Achieve Self-Support

PBIS – Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

PCA – Personal Care Assistant

PCPO – Personal Care Provider Organization

PDD – Pervasive Developmental Disorders

PDD-NOS – Pervasive Developmental Disorders – Not otherwise specified

PDN – Private Duty Nurse

PE – Physical Education

PH – Physically Handicapped

PHN – Public Health Nurse

PI – Physically Impaired

PIP – Programs Involving Parents

PL – Public Law

PLEP – Present LEvel of Educational Progress

PMAP – Prepaid Medical Assistance Plan

PPHP – Prepaid Health Plan

PSA – Pupil Support Assistant

PSC – Pediatric Symptom Checklist

PT – Physical Therapy

PTA – Parent Teacher Association

PTO – Parent-Teacher Organization

PTSA – Parents, Teachers, Students Association

PTSD – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder


QI – Qualified Individual

QMRP – Qualified Mental Retardation Professional


RAD – Reactive Attachment Disorder

RISC – Regional Interagency Systems Change Projects

RMA – Refugee Medical Assistance

RSB – Rehabilitation Services Branch (of the MN Department of Employment and Economic Development)

RTC – Regional Treatment Center


SAMHSA – Substance Abuses and Mental Health Services Administration

SA/VE – Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

SCC – State Coordinating Council (mental health)

SDQ – Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire

SE – Special Education

SEA – State Educational Agencies

SEAC – Special Education Advisory Council

SEAP – Special Education Advisory Panel

SED – Serious Emotional Disturbance

SFN TAC – Statewide Family Network Technical Assistance Center

SH – Severely Handicapped

SI – Sensory Integration

SIL – Semi-Independent Living (facility)

SILS – Semi-Independent Living Services

SLD – Specific Learning Disability

SLIS – Sign Language Interpreter Services

SMHRCY – State Mental Health Representative for Children and Youth

SMI – Severely Multiply Impaired

SMIRT – State Medical Review Team

SN – Special Needs

SNV – Skilled Nurse Visit

SPA – Single Point of Access

SPD – Sensory Processing Disorder

SP/L – Speech Language Impaired

SPMI – Serious and Persistent Mental Illness

SR – School Readiness

SSDI – Social Security Disability Income

SSI – Supplemental Security Income

SW – Social Worker


TA – Technical Assistance

TANF – Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury

TEFRA – Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act

TS – Tourette’s Syndrome

TSA – Tourette’s Syndrome Association, Inc.


VA – Vulnerable Adult

VE – Vocational Education

VI – Visually Impaired

VR – Vocational Rehabilitation


WE – Work Experience

WE – Work Evaluation

WECEP – Work-Experience Career Exploration Program

WED – Work-Experience Disadvantaged Program

WEH – Work-Experience Handicapped Program

WIC – Women, Infants, and Children (nutrition program)

WIN – Work Incentive Program

WISC – Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children

WIT – What it Takes (Minnesota Department of Education Leadership Committee to improve access for mental health services for children and youth with disabilities)

WWC – What Works Clearinghouse, U.S. Department of Education


YES – Youth Employment Services

YTP – Youth Transition Program