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Call for Applications Now Open

Micro-Grants Available for Organizations Serving Children & Families

Funds Will Support Staging your own version of a Fidgety Fairy Tales Musical

The Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health is excited to be awarding 25 micro-grants to organizations that serve children and families! Public schools, nonprofit charter schools and nonprofit private schools are eligible to apply.

The funds will support the staging of in-house productions of an existing Fidgety Fairy Tales script package.

Awards will range from $750 to $1,000 and can be used to:

+ Pay for a Fidgety Fairy Tales script
+ Purchase materials to create props and costumes
+ Pay stipends to actors and any helpers that work on the production
+ Purchase snack items and other supplies for rehearsal
+ Pay for additional production needs

The call for applications is open from November 1 – 30, 2022. We will review applications in December and announce grant recipients on January 16, 2023.

Call for Applications Closes November 30

FAQs for Applicants | About Fidgety Fairy Tales
Funding & Performance Guidelines

What is Fidgety Fairy Tales?

Since 2008, Fidgety Fairy Tales has been helping kids and grown-ups have important conversations about mental health through original musical theatre performances that feature great music, gentle humor and performances by talented youth.

The majority of our work has taken place through in-person performances all across Minnesota, but now it is your turn and we want to see what you can do with a Fidgety Fairy Tales script!

“The Three Little Pigs was easy to follow and implement with first-time youth actors. Youth stepped out of their comfort zones, enjoyed the experience, and grew throughout the process. We definitely will build more Fidgety Fairy Tales productions into our existing programming.
–Anne M. Parish, REACH Program for Youth-Adult Partnerships

FAQs for Applicants

Can I receive a grant?
The Fidgety Fairy Tales micro-grants are awarded to 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations that serve families and children, public schools, nonprofit charter schools and nonprofit private schools. Micro-grants will not be awarded directly to individuals.

Can my organization apply for more than one Fidgety Fairy Tales micro-grant?
No, only one grant will be awarded per organization.

Does my organization have to be based in Minnesota to apply for a Fidgety Fairy Tales script grant?
No, any organization that serves families and children can apply for a script grant.

How much is a grant award?
Grants awards are between $750-$1000.

How are grants awarded?
Organizations that are interested in a Fidgety Fairy Tales micro-grant should complete an application. The team at the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health will then review applications and contact the organizations selected to receive funding.

Funding & Performance Guidelines

+ Grant recipients will be required to spend down funding by June 30, 2023.
+ Grant recipients will be required to fill out a brief grant report and submit it to the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health by August 1, 2023.
+ Fidgety Fairy Tales should be performed by youth (up to 25 years old). Musicians may be any age.
+ Fidgety Fairy Tales are always free for audiences. Donations may be accepted.
+ A Fidgety Fairy Tales production may not charge other organizations for performances under the education license for a Fidgety Fairy Tales Script package.
+ Fidgety Fairy Tales believes it is important to compensate artists for their work, and this includes young artists. When possible, youth artists should receive a stipend, gift card or a celebratory meal or activity to acknowledge their hard work.
+ Fidgety Fairy Tales and MACMH logo must appear on any printed or online material, along with “This performance was made possible by a Fidgety Fairy Tales Production Grant from the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health.” If there are no printed materials at the performance, a verbal acknowledgement to the same effect should be made before each show.
+ Videos of the full performance may not be posted online. Clips of up to two minutes may be shared. MACMH and Fidgety Fairy Tales should be tagged on Facebook and Instagram.
+ Fidgety Fairy Tales endorses the Minnesota Theatre Foundational Standards for Safety and Accountability and encourages groups to use them in rehearsal and performance.
+ Fidgety Fairy Tales believes that representation matters, and encourages casts to strive to be as inclusive as possible.