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Everything you need to stage your own 15-minute musical about mental health and neurodivergence! Our digital script packages include:

  • The script
  • Sheet music written for singers and piano accompaniment
  • Rehearsal audio tracks with professional singers
  • Performance audio tracks by professional musicians
  • Suggestions for simple costumes and props
  • A director’s handbook
  • An educators guide with fact sheets, discussion guide, and classroom activities
  • Videos of theatre games and concepts that can be used with the cast

“The Three Little Pigs was easy to follow and implement with first-time youth actors.Youth stepped out of their comfort zones, enjoyed the experience, and grew throughout the process. We definitely will build more Fidgety Fairy Tales productions into our existing programming.
–Anne M. Parish, REACH Program for Youth Adult Partnerships

Available Scripts

Stay tuned for more information about pricing and availability!

The Three Little Pigs

Topic: Anxiety
Straw Hogg, Twig E Pig and Brick deBoar each have big worries that swirl around them like a pack of hungry wolves. When they support each other, they learn new ways to manage their anxiety.

Little Red Riding Hood

Topic: ADHD
Little Hood gets distracted in the forest, but her ability to simultaneously pay attention to multiple things comes in handy when it’s time to save her granny from the wolf.

Watch our online puppet show of the story

Sleeping Handsome

Topic: Depression
Wanting to escape his constant pain and sadness, Prince Handsome pricks his finger on a spinning wheel and falls into an enchanted sleep. The Good Fairy arrives to help his family understand that he needs help.

The Prince and the Pea

Topic: Autism
Prince Frank is autistic and travels from kingdom to kingdom learning everything he can about horses. The Queen of Neurotypicalia puts a pea under 20 mattress to test whether he is a true prince, but Frank is hypersensitive and immediately feels the pea.