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Show Your Support for Children’s Mental Health

As we enter into the last weeks of summer, the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health (MACMH) is asking for your help supporting our programs promoting positive mental health for infants, children, adolescents and their families. Starting Friday, August 21 through Monday, September 14, we are asking you to step up for children’s mental health by:

+ Creating an individual fundraiser
+ Making a one-time donation
+ Recruiting friends to join the challenge

We’ll be recognizing the person with the most creative fundraising idea, and the person who raises the most dollars on our Facebook page and website, as well as part of our annual Outstanding Service Award event.

Ideas to Get You Started
Read About Kristie S’ Bike Ride Fundraiser
Learn About Our Mission and Work
Make a Donation

Thank you to all those who have participated for your support!

Fundraiser Ideas

Get Outside

Run, walk, bike, swim or skateboard for children’s mental health. Have family and friends make a donation for each lap or mile!


School is just around the corner! Jump start your brain and turn pages for children’s mental health. Collect donations for each page or book you complete.

Online Talent Show

Get your friends together for a night of virtual entertainment. Showcase your talent and charge a “ticket” price for your friends and family to watch!

Facebook Fundraisers

Use social media to promote positive mental health. Share resources from MACMH’s Facebook page and ask family and friends to support your cause!

To create a Facebook fundraiser, follow these steps:

+ Click Fundraisers in the menu of your Homepage News Feed (if you’re using a computer, this menu will appear on the left side of your screen) 
+ Click + Raise Money
+ Click Nonprofit
+ In the search bar, type in Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health; select the page once it appears
+ Fill in the fundraiser details and choose a cover photo
+ Click Create

Please be sure that all fundraising activities abide by current Minnesota Department of Health recommendations for social distancing and face coverings.

Moving for Mental Health

Inspired to help destigmatize the topic of mental health while also supporting her own health, Kristie S. geared up for a long-distance bike ride to raise money for the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health (MACMH).

“I wanted to support those close to me who [experience] mental illness, but also needed some time alone to support my own physical and mental health. This bike ride checked all the boxes,” she said. “It allowed me to be alone, outside and active and also allowed me an avenue to tell folks about the work of [MACMH] and suggest donations.”

Over the course of four days, Kristie covered a lot of ground, visiting places like Mississippi Regional Park, Beaver Island Trail in St. Cloud and the Paul Bunyon Trail that runs between Brainerd and Bemidji.

In total, she logged 229 miles and raised $400.

“People experiencing mental illness don’t always ‘show their illness’ on the outside so they are expected to act as if they aren’t in pain,” she said. “There is still a lot of misunderstanding.”

“I am grateful to the family and friends who donated [to this cause] and supported me.”

Our Work & Mission

At the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health, we promote positive mental health for all infants, children, adolescents and their families. We do this by providing education and resources to professionals, families and youth throughout Minnesota and beyond.

Family Support

As an organization founded by and for families, our work is anchored in helping families navigate through the journey of raising a child with mental health challenges. We provide free resources, educational opportunities and family coaching services designed to help parents and caregivers support both their children’s mental health as well as their own.

Explore our free COVID-19 resources for families.

Arts Programming

At MACMH, we use art as a vehicle to spread important messages about mental health in accessible, engaging ways. Through our Arts Programming, we work to break the stigma around mental health disorders and change the way mental health is talked about and approached within families, schools and throughout the wider community.

Learn about Fidgety Fairy Tales – The Mental Health Musicals.

Youth Engagement

In order to build systems that effectively promote children’s mental health, young people must have a leading voice at the table. Through our Youth Engagement programming, we amplify the voice, stories and talents of young leaders in an effort to shape programs and policies related to youth mental health across the state.

Learn about Youth MOVE MN.

Professional Education

In order for children to do better, families and communities do better–and we recognize the key role that a skilled, ethical, culturally-responsive workforce plays in that equation. By equipping professionals from across disciplines with knowledge and tools for the workplace, we enhance capacity statewide to best serve children and families.

Explore our upcoming professional education opportunities.

Infant & Early Childhood Professional Development

Grounded in the knowledge that the earliest years are critical in shaping lifelong health and wellbeing, our Infant & Early Childhood Division works to build a multidisciplinary workforce equipped to address the unique needs of children, prenatal to age 6, and their families.

Make a Donation

Do you want to support our work, but aren’t able to organize a fundraiser? We welcome one-time donations as well!

Make your donation through our online form or send a check to:
23 Empire Drive, Suite 1000
St. Paul, MN 55103


Reach out to Rachael at