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MACMH-IEC proudly recognizes the following professionals who have earned I/ECMH Endorsement ® and proven their competency in the infant/early childhood-family field. The MACMH-IEC Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-focused Practice Promoting Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health (I/ECMH-E®) is intended to recognize experiences that lead to competency in the infant/early childhood-family field. It does not replace licensure or certification, but instead is meant as evidence of a specialization in this field. The MACMH-IEC Endorsement® is cross-sector and multidisciplinary including professionals from child and/or human development, education, nursing, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, social work, and others. Endorsement® indicates an individual’s efforts to specialize in the promotion/practice of infant/early childhood mental health within his/her own chosen discipline.


Infant Family Associate

Erika Del Rocio Melendez Perez – Hennepin

Danielle DeRose

Debra Fisher – St. Louis

Angeline Kallhoff- McLeod

Julie A. Koritz

Sara McKeever – Stearns

Maria Perez Gali – Hennepin

Tania Rivera Perez – Hennepin

Telia Rattliff-Cross

Tracy Solheim – Polk

Sheryl Warner – Hennepin

Kim Woehl – Chisago


Early Childhood Family Associate

LaSonda Moore – Ramsey


Infant Family Specialist

Dea Anderson – inactive

Kendra Atherton-Guenther – Winona/ Northwest

Amie Black

Connie Blackburn-Lowery – retired

Sonia Bly

Deb Bryer – Sherburne

Elizabeth F. Criswell – Hennepin

Cindy Croft – retired

Lauri Davis – Hennepin

Colleen Dockendorf – Dakota

Barbara Eckberg– Wright

Dana Ellingson – Anoka

Teresa Fuhrman – Scott

Cimena Gordon – Ramsey

Arielle Handevidt – Ramsey

Sandra Heidemann– Hennepin/Midwest

Ruth Heiland – Scott

Lynn Herrick – Nobles

Jessica Hoeper – Pope

Jennifer Ishaug – Ramsey

Kristin Johnson

Marlys Johnson – St. Louis

Molly Kenney – Hennepin

Jennifer King – Scott

Kara Kuehn – Redwood

Lori Kuenn

Rachel Liechty  – Cook

Emilie Levinson – Dakota

Brenda Lowe – Washington

Diana Maetzold – Stearns

Beth Menninga – Ramsey

Alyssa Miller – Hennepin

Krista Mrozinski – Ramsey/ Metro

Tari Niemeyer – McLeod

Jacy Nylander – Anoka/Metro

Tomoko Rebeck– Stearns

Lori Root – Olmstead 

Sarah Schroeder – Becker

Brenda Slaamod – Benton

Molly Snuggerud – Hennepin

Nicole Spitzer – Anoka

Nina Sutton – Ramsey

Guin Teel-French – Hennepin

Mary Muhs – Carver/Hennepin

Jody Shaskey-Setright  – Douglas

Priscilla Weigel – Hennepin

Maija Whitegon – Hennepin

Shoa Yang – Ramsey/ West

Kerry Youso – Stearns


Early Childhood Family Specialist

Kara Gordon – Stearns

Kristi Monsour – Stearns


Infant Mental Health Specialist

Janet Amundson – Grand Forks, ND

Jill Barrow – Ramsey

Erica Black – Redwood

Kathryn Dahlstrom – Clay/ Northwest

Kimberly Gascoigne – Hennepin

Eric Hansen – Metro/ Hennepin

Martha Berit Higuera– Ramsey/Metro

Donna Blaney Johnson – Ramsey

Kathi Blomquist – Hennepin

Stephanie Clausen-Swenson – Cottonwood

Anna Clavin – Stearns

Rebecca Cluever – Stearns

Kate Dando – Hennepin

Michelle Dineen – Dakota

Sarah Flaten – Douglas

Jesse Flynn – Hennepin

Paula Frisk – Hennepin

Maris Gilbert – Hennepin

Mary Harrison – Hennepin

Johanna Hauck – Pine

Katie Heaton – Ramsey

Christine Hensgens – Ramsey

Anne Hoff – Hennepin

Kathleen Kane – Ramsey

Linda Kantner – Ramsey

Angie Klinefelter – Stearns

Claire Kuennen Jordan – Ramsey

Amy Luebke – Ramsey

Mary Linn – Central

Sara McGee – Hennepin

Melissa McLaurin – Olmsted

Angela Mensink – Winona

Rachel Milan – Washington

Signe Miller – Stearns

Lauren Moberg – Hennepin

Jillian Nelson – Hennepin

Lorraine Njos – Steele/ Southwest

Rachel Nester – Dakota

Beth Olchefske – Freeborn

Kelly Pieper – Anoka

Deidre Quinlan – St. Louis

Julie Records – Hennepin

Alicia Rundquist – Ramsey

Kaitlin Salscheider

Rachel Schoenecker-Wilke – Mankato/Southwest

Monique Sebring – Nicolett

Robyn Schumacher – Blue Earth

Theresa Spear – Blue Earth

Corri Stuyvenberg – Hennepin

Sheila Sweeney – Ramsey

Meghan Swenson – Ramsey

Heather Trettel – Benton

Londa Wagner – Benton

Pam Walz – Stearns

Susan Williams – Ramsey

Kathleen Wright – Cass

Kerry Youso

Katherine Zacharias– metro


Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist

Elizabeth Adler – Metro

Lexi Alm – Stearns

Anna Clavin – Stearns

Corrine Pool – Ramsey

Jeff Milligan-Toffler – Ramsey

Tricia Sedlacek – Ramsey

Monica Sharratt – Ramsey


Infant Mental Health Mentor- Clinical

Jessica Croatt Niemi – Beltrami

Teya Dahle – Rice

Amy Donnan – Beltrami/Cass/Hubbard

Jane Ellison – Stearns

Michele Fallon – Dakota

Pam Fore-Lauer – Crow Wing

Maren Harris – Dakota

Jill Hennes – Washington

Lisa Nos-Tollefson – Pine

Jolene Pearson – Hennepin

Marci Pluth – Hennepin

Tracy Schreifels – Stearns

Susan Schultz – Hennepin

Carol Siegel – Hennepin

Judith Woods – Winona

Catherine Wright – Ramsey


Early Childhood Mental Health Mentor- Clinical

Anna Clavin– Stearns


Infant Mental Health Mentor- Policy

Candace Kragthorpe – inactive

Christopher Watson – Hennepin


Infant Mental Health Mentor- Research/Faculty

Sarah Ahlfs-Dunn – McLeod

MaryAnn Marchel – St. Louis

Joann O’Leary – Hennepin

Endorsement involves a standardized process to determine that a professional has accumulated specialized experiences in the infant and early childhood field and has signed a Code of Ethics.  All applicants receive a copy of the Code of Ethics.  An applicant’s experiences are documented by the submission of an application that details competency-based training, specialized work experiences, and for most, reflective supervision/consultation (RSC) experiences.  The application also includes official transcripts and three reference ratings.  Endorsees as Infant Mental Health Specialist and Infant Mental Health Mentor have passed an exam that includes measures of theoretical knowledge, direct service skills, and their capacity to apply these principles into practice.  This exam is scored by a team of two reviewers who are blind to the identity of the examinee.  To maintain Endorsement also requires ongoing training and, in the cases of Infant/Early Childhood Family Specialist, Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist and Infant/Early Childhood Health Mentor-Clinical, ongoing RSC. Endorsees are also required to re-commit to upholding the Code of Ethics annually.  Beginning in January of 2022, this commitment includes signing an attestation that the endorsee has not been sanctioned by a licensing board. 

Endorsement is not a professional license or a certificate. Endorsement cannot guarantee the quality of service of any endorsed professional.  Endorsement does not include a process by which complaints or concerns regarding ethics can be filed.  If MACMH-IEC becomes aware of possible ethics violations by an endorsed professional, complainants are encouraged to, when applicable, contact the individual’s professional licensing board.  Endorsement does not offer monitoring for ethics violations, however if MACMH-IEC learns that an endorsed professional has been sanctioned by a licensing board, the individual’s name is moved to the Inactive Endorsement Registry.