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Comic Book Contest for Grades 7 – 12

Entry deadline: extended to Monday, October 28, 2019

October is National Bullying Prevention Month.  Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health is pleased to announce the very first Safe Guard – Allies Against Bullying One-Page Comic Book Contest!

Contest is open to artists in Grades 7 – 12 who live in Minnesota.

Winning One-Page Comic Books will be featured on our website and social media during October for Bullying Prevention Month.  Artists will receive a $40 gift card.

Create a one-page comic book that helps elementary students know what to do when they see a bullying situation. You need to use at least one of the heroes from the Safe Guard. You may draw them in whatever style you like – comic book, manga, anime, realistic, stick figures, etc. Your comic book may tell the story in one full-page panel or over the course of several panels that fit together on one page.

Here’s the set-up for your story…
Freeze Out, the Queen of Ice-olation, is causing trouble. She chooses a kid to bully and then uses her Cold Shoulder Crystal to turn all of the their friends and classmates against them.  Soon no one will play with them or talk to them. Then she can tease the kid as much as she wants because she knows no one will do anything to stop her. The kid feels helpless and alone. How can the Safe Guard save the day?

Your one-page comic book must: 
1. Feature at least one hero from the Safe Guard
2. Show a non-violent solution to stop Freeze Out’s plan. 
3. Have a message for K-6 students that combats bullying. 
4. Be drawn, painted, or digitally created entirely by YOU! 

Scan or photograph your comic book, and then complete the Safe Guard Art Contest Entry Form and upload your artwork. Good luck!