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Words of Encouragement Campaign

Share a Message of Encouragement & Support

As part of Back to School Month, join us in brightening the lives of students and educators across Minnesota who are returning to the classroom this fall. To participate:

1. Download and print a copy of this blank postcard.

2. Write a note of encouragement. (Unsure what to write? Click here for message ideas for different ages/grades.)

3. Feel free to add color to the images.

4. Place the completed postcard in an envelope and address the envelope to:

Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health
23 Empire Drive, Suite 1000
St. Paul, MN 55103

5. Drop it in the mail!

Once we receive your postcard, we’ll deliver it to students and teachers at a few schools across Minnesota.

Download a blank postcard to get started

(If you’re with a group of 10+, please reach out to Rachael Jacques and we will mail you a stack of postcards.)

What is Mental Health? | Supportive Message Ideas
Other Ways to Get Involved

What is mental health?

Something we all have! As we move through life, our emotions, thinking and behavior fluctuate. Sometimes we experience periods of feeling well-balanced, content and capable of navigating minor stressors. At other times, we may struggle with overwhelming feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger or fear and find it more difficult than normal to make decisions. All of these emotions are part of being human.

What are mental health disorders?

While big emotions affect all of us, if these feelings become more frequent, long-lasting and intense, and begin impacting how we’re able to function with friends, family and at work, this may be the start of a mental health disorder.

Though mental health disorders are sometimes believed to affect only a small number of people, they’re actually very common. About 1 in 5 children in the U.S. currently have or have had at some point in their life a mental health disorder. And in the last couple years, ongoing stress from the pandemic has caused rates of mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression to soar among children and teens.

Supportive Message Ideas

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
+ You are going to be a great helper in your classroom this year!
+ You are going to be a great friends to your classmates this year!
+ I am excited for all the new things you will learn this year!
+ I am very proud of you
+ You are kind, brave and smart!

6th through 8th Grade
+ Thank you for being a great leader to your peers and in your school!
+ Thank you for being kind, empathetic and supportive to your peers!
+ I believe that you will make healthy choices, work hard
and be the best you can be!
+ Enjoy your year of learning and new experiences!
+ You are smart, capable and strong!

+ As a teacher, you make an incredible difference every day. Thank you!
+ Thank you for everything you do to support the young people
in our communities.
+ Teacher, you are awesome. You play such a vital role in the lives
of our children.

3rd through 5th Grade
+ You are an important part of our community
and your school!
+ I believe in you!
+ You are the only and best you
+ You are smart, capable and strong!
+ Enjoy your learning this year!

High School
+ Thinking about you in the year ahead. When there is a lot to balance,
remember you’ve got this!
+ Take pride in all you have accomplished. Great job and continued
success in the year ahead.
+ Thank you for being an important part of our community and your school.
+ Enjoy all the new experiences that come your way this year.
+ Be kind and gentle with all of us. Getting life figured out
is hard for all of us!

The postcards below were completed as part of a project in partnership with Liberty Diversified International.

Other Ways to Get Involved

If you’re interested in exploring other ways to support our work, please reach out to Rachael Jacques. Learn more about the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health here.