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Educator’s Guide Testimonials

Here’s what educators are saying about our publication:

“The book is well organized and gives explanations that teachers or professionals can relate to. We are seeing more and more students who meet the criteria in the mental health area. Good information that can be used immediately.”

16+ Years as an Educator

“I will benefit from the information and reference materials from the course. It was written in a manner that allows you to understand and apply it to a classroom.”

16+ Years as an Educator

“Interesting read with many practical tips regarding specific mental health issues to take back into the classroom.”

11-15 Years as an Educator

“Great resource book that I will keep in my classroom! Full of useful information!”

16+ Years as an Educator

“Excellent material about the subject. Very well thought out and organized. I’d recommend this course to every teacher from elementary to High School. A must read for all special educators. This coming from a 30 year educator.”

16+ Years as an Educator

EdGuide14mnCvrAn Educator’s Guide to Children’s Mental Health

This guide equips educators with the tools needed to reach all students. Includes information on what you may see if a student has a mental health disorder, instructional strategies, and classroom accommodations. Revised and updated in 2014 to reflect the changes in the DSM-5.

Prices vary depending on the number of books purchased:

1 – 24 Copies: $27.95 + S&H
25 – 49 Copies: $23.95 + S&H
50+ Copies: $19.95 + S&H

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Our session titled Key Warning Signs for Early-Onset Mental Illness in Children & Adolescents and Suicide Prevention Best Practices in our on-demand webinar system uses our Educator’s Guide as reference material. Click here to read more about this and our other demand webinars. Find the Key Warning Signs training under the suicide prevention category.