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February 4, 2022

We are outraged by the news of Amir Locke’s death. His killing by the Minneapolis Police Department during a no-knock warrant was horrifying and avoidable. We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends, and the wider community.

Amir was 22 years old. A young person shouldn’t be ambushed while asleep in a private residence and then killed by the people sworn to protect and serve within seconds of waking up. His death demonstrates the egregiousness of our country’s longstanding policies related to policing – practices that disproportionately target Black people.

Amir’s death is the latest in a growing list of people whose lives have unjustly been taken due to no-knock warrants, including Breonna Taylor, and an even longer list of Black people who have been brutalized and killed by police. 

This pattern of state-sanctioned violence and racism harms the mental and physical wellbeing of people of color and undermines our communities as a whole. We understand that you may be experiencing repeated, ongoing trauma due to recent events and so many others.

We’ve compiled the following list of resources to support conversations with children and families around the traumatic events happening throughout our communities. 

We hope you’re finding ways to care for yourself. If you need support accessing mental health services for your family, please get in touch with us at

+ How Unjust Police Killings Harm the Mental Health of Black Americans
+ Sesame Street in Communities: Talking About Race with Kids
+ Books to Teach White Children & Teens How to Undo Racism & White Supremacy
+ From Christian Cooper to George Floyd: A Letter to White Parents
Directory of Black Therapists in Minnesota & Wisconsin
Psychological First Aid for Protesters & Others

Brandon Jones, He/Him
Executive Director
Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health