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We denounce the violent attacks that took place Wednesday at the United States Capitol. Incited by the President’s dangerous words, the insurrectionists put many people in harm’s way in their attempt to destroy our democracy.

We recognize that you and your family may be experiencing stress and trauma as a result of these events and so many others. We know repeated, ongoing trauma has adverse effects on mental and physical health, and that infants, children and adolescents are struggling.

These resources are designed to support conversations with children and families around the traumatic events being reflected in the news and happening throughout our communities:

+ Traumatic Experiences (Sesame Street in Communities)
+ Talking to Kids About the Attack on the Capitol
10 Ways to Talk to Students about Sensitive Issues in the News

We also must call out the role that white supremacy played in Wednesday’s riot. The hateful, racist, anti-Semitic symbols displayed were distressing and traumatizing for many. We recognize that Black, Indigenous and People of Color have long felt the effects of this type of violence and racism, and that Jewish people continue to be harmed by acts of anti-Semitism.

When a mob of mostly white people is able to do so much with such little resistance, it highlights white privilege in action and underscores the need to dismantle our nation’s history of racism and systems of oppression.

To support discussions with children on racism, anti-Semitism and ending white supremacy, we’ve compiled the following resources:

+ Talking to Kids About Race: Books & Resources
+ The Trauma of Racist Violence is Nothing New for Black Children
+ Resources for Teachers & Parents to Combat Anti-Semitism
+ How White Parents Can Talk to Their Kids About Race
+ Sesame Street Town Hall on Standing Up to Racism

We hope you’re finding ways to care for yourself and we’ll continue to be here to support you and your family.

Deborah Saxhaug
Executive Director
Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health

Additional Resources for Families

Featuring messages from mental health professionals and youth, the following videos aim to promote continued conversations with children on these topics and further support family mental health.

You Are Not Alone: A Note for Children & Families

Featuring messages from mental health professionals and an appearance by the cast of “Chicken Little”

Helping Children with Big Feelings

Having conversations with children about the insurrection at the Capitol, anti-Semitism and racism

The Very Watchful Person

A story to help families start conversations on navigating through difficult times