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Grounded in the knowledge that the earliest years are critical in shaping lifelong health and wellbeing, our Infant & Early Childhood Division works to build a multidisciplinary workforce equipped to address the unique needs of children, prenatal to age 6, and their families.

If you’re a professional who works with infants, young children and their families, we’re eager to help you advance your career, connect with others in the field and access high-quality trainings.

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+ Continuing Education
+ Endorsement
+ Membership
+ Reflective Consultation

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+ Diversity Informed Tenets for Work with Infants, Children & Families

Offering ongoing opportunities to help professionals build skills, stay up-to-date with current research and earn CEHs, our workshops include a mix of in-person and online options as well as an annual Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Conference. 

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Our nationally-recognized Endorsement® process is a career development pathway that honors professionals’ specialized education, skills and work experiences through a credential designed to demonstrate proficiency in the field. 

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Bringing together professionals from across Minnesota who are shaping the field of infant and early childhood mental health, membership provides an avenue for professionals to expand their network, tap into a variety of leadership opportunities and access discounted trainings. 

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A relationship-based practice designed for professionals to discuss their work one-on-one or in small groups, Reflective Consultation provides designated opportunity to reflect on the ways in which one’s beliefs, life experiences and values impact their work with young children and families.

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